36 Tastes That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

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Remember green ketchup? What about 10p Space Raiders? And Calypsos?

1. Cool Cola Hubba Bubba.

The sweet taste of finally being free from braces.

Cool Cola Hubba Bubba.

2. Blue WKDs.

Typically served lukewarm and at the back of a village hall.

Blue WKDs.

3. Sunny Delight.

Which you weren’t allowed to drink too much of, in case you turned yellow.

Sunny Delight.

4. Strawberry Millions.

Unquestionably the best tuck shop snack.

Strawberry Millions.

5. Turkey twizzlers.

Until Jamie Oliver got them banned :(

Turkey twizzlers.

6. Popz microwave popcorn.

Eaten exclusively at Friday night sleepovers in front of “Top Of The Pops”.

Popz microwave popcorn.

7. Green ketchup.

OMGGGGG so spooky.

Green ketchup.

8. Winders.

If you were feeling cheeky, you shared one with your crush. It was like “Lady And The Tramp”, but with a fruit roll-up.


9. Pop Tarts.

Stick one in the toaster, and you reached breakfast heaven.

Pop Tarts.

10. Butterscotch Angel Delight.

A little bit lumpy, a little bit tasteless, but still wonderful.

Butterscotch Angel Delight.

11. Vanilla Monster Munch.

Sounded gross. Looked gross. Tasted gross.


12. Calypsos.

The signature Sports Day drink.


13. Capri-Sun.

And if your Sports Day was a slightly fancier affair…


14. Cajun squirrel crisps.

Which were weirdly not as awful as they sounded.

Cajun squirrel crisps.

15. Millie’s Cookies.

Your first purchase when you “went to town”.

Millie's Cookies.

16. Dairylea Lunchables.

An absolute staple of the school trip packed lunch.


17. Frubes.

Why is it that Petits Filous taste so much better in a plastic tube?


18. Wagon Wheels.

Has there ever been a better snack? Has there? Has there really? No.

Wagon Wheels.

19. 10p Pickled Onion flavoured Space Raiders.


10p Pickled Onion flavoured Space Raiders.

20. Teddy Grahams.

Some bears held their arms up. Some held their arms down. Some stood with their legs together. Some stood with their legs apart. You never knew what you were going to get.

Teddy Grahams.

21. Cadburys Animals.

A solid after-school snack.

Cadburys Animals.

22. Mily Way Magic Stars.

Featuring Pop Star, Jess Star, Bright Star, Super Star, Happy Star, Sport Star and Baby Star.

Mily Way Magic Stars.

23. Ice gems.

Which also has a (lesser) chocolate-covered cousin.

Ice gems.

24. Tracker bars.

A sensible break time snack.

Tracker bars.

25. Cheesestrings.

Because any cheese that peels is a great cheese.


26. Hello Pandas.

Stuffed full of milk cream, strawberry or chocolate. YUMMMMMMM.

Hello Pandas.

27. Nutella and Go!s

There aren’t enough words to explain how good these were.

Nutella and Go!s

28. Chip Shop Curry flavour crisps.

A disgustingly brilliant tuck shop staple.

Chip Shop Curry flavour crisps.

29. Mini Milks.

The cheapest (and best) ice cream.

Mini Milks.

30. Barbie pasta shapes.

Or indeed, any pasta shapes.

Barbie pasta shapes.

31. Pizza flavoured Pringles.

A slightly revolting concept, but a fully delicious snack.

Pizza flavoured Pringles.

32. Pom Bears.

Such a friendly looking food.

Pom Bears.

33. Potato smilies.


Potato smilies.

34. Raspberry Slush Puppies.

Which was, inexplicably, blue.

Raspberry Slush Puppies.

35. Um Bongo.

Such sugary goodness.

Um Bongo.

36. Choc Ice.

Hi there, summer.

Choc Ice.

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